John Richmond’s rebellious

The British fashion designer returns to the catwalk for the Spring- Summer 2018 season with a fashion show that is bolshie and cannot be tamed, but also one that comes from the heart.
John Richmond’s new concept of femininity combines the fearsome bosozuku gangs of Japan with Harlem’s breakbeat, together with the chic nature of Teddy Girls.
On the catwalk, the female models will take to the runway with huge boomboxes, mounted on motorcycles and speeding along with the music at full blast.
John Richmond himself declared: “With new wave, punk, electro and industrial sounds, this is a festival of the musical intelligentsia in which psychedelic tones and reflections of starkly contrasting cultures find a new aspect in fashion, which moves towards the future, maintaining its je ne sais quoi which has earned the brand renown”.