L’amy’s development strategies

Following the acquisition of Henry Jullien in 2017, French group L’amy has pulled off other major feats. And it has no plans to stop there. Dominique Alba, General Manager of the French group, gives us a taster of what its edition of MIDO will be like.

Can you tell us about the development strategies you adopted in recent years?
In the last 18 months we have focused on the organization of the company by division. Each division addresses a very specific market segment and need for opticians. We have four divisions: 0-15, Access Price, Atelier Couture and Luxury/Innovation. This segmentation also entails organizational changes, particularly in our factories.

In a period where lots of the big players in the eyewear field are focusing on their in-house brands, what position has your company taken?
We acquired the company Henry Jullien in July 2017, and we are working on the revamp of the L’Amy brand, for which we will present a new and very innovative concept at MIDO. But these moves do not reflect a desire to focus on our own brands. Henry Jullien is a fantastic brand, and the latest to introduce gold-filled products, and it has allowed us to build our new Luxury/Innovation division. In addition to this acquisition, in 2019, we are launching three new children’s brands: the Made in Italia brand, the Chris Craft luxury lifestyle brand, and the McLaren brand, the latter featuring an extremely innovative collection.

What does your latest economic data show?
Sales increased in 2018 by 16% compared to the same period last year, thanks in particular to the dynamism of our international markets. On the French market, we have grown by 3%. Italy had a rather slow start to the year, but the last quarter was very good, thanks to the upswing of sales of the Vespa brand and the launch of the Made In Italia brand.

In 2018 you introduced Canali eyewear: how is this project faring?
The presentation of the Canali brand went very well. Sales are particularly strong in the USA and Asia, but we still have a lot of work to do in Europe.

What will you present at MIDO 2018? Have you got anything special for the fair?
Yes, we will be participating in MIDO with a very original and exuberant booth that will focus on the concept of Made in Italia Eyewear, and another booth that will showcase the new brands of the L’Amy Group.

What do you think about this international event?
The Milan event is one of the essential dates in the calendar for meeting representatives from the entire market. But given the evolution of distribution and the increasingly frequent launches of new products, it is no longer possible to stall its commercial activity for the dates of trade shows.