The Laps Collection makes its debut

Italia Independent added a new collection totally designed by Lapo Elkann – Founder and Creative Director of the brand – that combines his multiple souls. This collection is able to express his style, his vitality, his creative buzz and, above all, his multitude of souls which, though all distinct, manage to communicate most harmoniously.
“With the Laps Collection I wanted to give something of myself” said Elkann. “Something special, unique just like you. A collection that goes straight to the heart. I wanted to seek deep inside myself, to turn the passions that have always guided my companies into products; to do this I brought you into my thoughts, my days, my work, the deep recesses of my heart. Like all Italia Independent creations, the Laps collection is characterized by the high quality of the materials used, the refined design and an all-consuming attention to detail. A collection that influences and is influenced by different worlds, all united by a deep love for beauty. I am proud that these products have become reality and am excited to gly connected and continuously evolving present”.
The collection spans the three inspirational and value-based worlds most dear to the designer: the worlds of art, automotive and the vintage icons of the Made in Italy mark.
Three product families for a total of twelve models including seven sunglasses and five eyeglass frames, all made with materials able to compete in the reference fashion segment.