Shamballa’s spirituality

At MIDO 2018, the Shamballa Eyewear and Paradis collections, created by designer and founder of the two brands Larry Sands, will be launched. These glasses are a marriage of luxury and spirituality, designed for those who appreciate their stylish originality. And the biggest fan of all is Karl Lagerfeld, as Sands tell us in this interview.

When and why did you decide to create your company?
I had been dreaming about certain frame concepts for years, expecting someone to make them. When it didn’t happen, I decided to make them myself.

Why did you decide to call it Shamballa?
Shamballa is the most spiritually attached name I know. It is a mythical kingdom of spirituality. In Sanskrit, it is a place of peace, tranquility and happiness; a spiritual sanctuary.

Where does inspiration come from for your two collections, Shamballa and Paradis?
From spirituality, love, my mind and body, which are timeless.

How do you select optician’s stores?
Stores have been unusually aggressive about getting our collections, they usually contact us.

Which are the most important markets for you?
They are all equally important.

Could you give us a description of the people who choose to wear your frames?
Let’s start with Karl Lagerfeld – how would you describe him?!

What, in your opinion, will be the eyewear trends for 2018?
I don’t know or care. I don’t follow or notice trends. I create them.

What is the future of avant-garde eyewear?
The future of what I do is the only thing I am certain of. I will continue making amazing luxury eyewear. I have that in my personal cloud. As always, I will present products that most do not have the courage to design or manufacture.

What are you going to present during MIDO 2018?
Mind blowing collections, as always.

What do you expect from MIDO 2018?
An open mind and good credit.