All the potential of progressive lenses

Florence’s Palazzo dei Congressi conference centre will be playing host to the “Progressive Business Forum” from 30 June to 1 July. The event is organised by B2Eyes-Fabiano Publishing, in conjunction with the SOI – the Italian Ophthalmological Society.

In the run-up to the event, a press conference was held in Milan entitled “Presbyopia, easily-made mistakes: the new frontiers of technology”, during which speakers focused on problems, opportunities and innovations involved in correcting this pathology. The latest developments made available by technical and scientific research were covered, and practical guidelines emerged for managing this natural sight defect.

Paolo Pettazzoni, Deputy Chairman of ANFAO (the National Association of Optical Article Manufacturers) delivered a speech on correcting presbyopia using progressive lenses. “Progressive lenses can be made to measure. I’m not only referring to optical correction, but to a whole series of parameters calculated with the wearer in mind. By way of example these can include biometric data, and the chosen spectacle frame. These individual customisation options make it possible to limit any discomfort caused by the laws of physics down to a minimum. As a result, vision is rendered more comfortable from any standpoint”.

In addition to Paolo Pettazzoni, the two-fold issue of presbyopia and progressive lenses was also tackled by Dr Luigi Mele, eye surgeon at the “Luigi Vanvitelli” Campania University in Naples, alongside Matteo Piovella, Chairman of the SOI and Marco Procacciante, MD of Vision Group.