The new Superflex kids 2018 advertising campaign

Shot on location in NYC, the new Superflex kids campaign by Westgroupe was inspired by the Holi festival, a Hindu festival known widely as the “Festival of Color” that marks the arrival of spring. This festival is a celebration of fun, love, fertility and, just like the new Superflex kids collection, is all about color. The new campaign is an authentic explosion of energy and cheerfulness. The selection of joyful and dynamic images highlights the new styles while inspiring kids to express their true selves and showing them how wearing frames expresses their individual personality and style.
The new Eyes on the Trends – Back to School comes with a new look & new features, where the main theme is about color. Evoking adult coloring books and their effect to stimulate creativity, the new Eott – Back to School comes complete with bamboo pencil crayons to fill the pages. Showcasing the spring collections of Superflex kids & KLiiK denmark and how their unique design was inspired by different fashion, technology, lifestyle and accessories.
New to the Eott is the interactive digital aspect that is a growing global trend. WestGroupe has incorporated the HP REVEAL app, that you can download from the app store, follow “WestGroupe” and by scanning each page, there is something new to discover! Moreover, anyone can create their own art that they want to share.