Jewels with a high level of creative potential

Nicoletta and Barbara, daughter and granddaughter of Mario Lebole respectively, creator of the men’s clothing brand Lebole, have themselves founded a brand that lies at the intersection of fashion and the art of goldsmithing: Lebole Gioielli.
The new earring collection, “The Circle”, comprises flattened printed tinplate caps, mounted on gold-galvanised brass and natural stones. The various images printed on the caps give the earrings an asymmetry that is confirmation of Lebole Gioielli’s ability to be inspired by materials from other sectors, giving them a new and different lease of life. Proof of this are the used flattened caps, which are simply metal discs used for champagne bottles. With “The Circle” collection, the brand wishes to reach out to a wider range of customers, creating jewellery that is within everyone’s budget, and boasts a high level of creative potential.