Randolph: in Italy with Code

Code Milano is the new official and exclusive distributor of Randolph for the Italian market.

Randolph is a third generation family business, founded in Boston in 1973 by Peter Waszkiewicz, and is now distributed in over 85 countries worldwide. Each pair of glasses is produced by hand with 200 different steps, using precious metals and with particular attention to the lenses and all the technical details. The precision in the creation of the product and the highest standards have made possible his collaboration with the American army, from which was born his famous metal aviator. Strong in its history, it has been able to reinvent itself over time and its eyewear is now a symbol of the American lifestyle, worn by many stars such as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Michael Keaton and many others.

The historic brand Made in USA thus completes the eyewear offer of Code Milano, which already includes Eclipse, Eyevan, Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses and Claire Goldsmith among its partners.


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