(ITA) Mazzucchelli e MIDO: un continuum storico

The cultural roots of Mazzucchelli 1849, producer of polymeric materials, have many similarities with those of MIDO: determination to be at the forefront, vocation for research, technical and aesthetic innovation, experience and ability to collaborate. Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli, Centro O Group Product Development Manager, looks back over the 50 years of her company at MIDO.

Besides being a historical company, you are among the realities that have joined MIDO since its first edition. Would you tell us about your first MIDO?

At that time, MIDO was a unique opportunity to meet our customers personally, as there were not many opportunities to meet them directly. At the time, in fact, there was no need or habit to visit clients directly and that one time a year when we met them gave us a great charge and gave us the opportunity to show Mazzucchelli’s welcome and involvement with them.

What were the reasons that led you to have this continuum?

Our mission has always been to be a leader in our sector thanks to research and aesthetic and technological innovation and to guarantee proximity and support to the customer.

MIDO has always been the most important exhibition in the sector, therefore the ideal place to express this philosophy of ours.

Like Mazzucchelli, MIDO has also evolved keeping up with the times. It has expanded its size to accommodate more and more international exhibitors, becoming an important reference point for the entire sector. MIDO today is a meeting point of excellence in the eyewear world and as such has a unique ability to attract and involve. Even if today you travel all the time to visit customers, MIDO turns into a celebratory moment of the year.

How have your exhibition choices evolved in terms of both layout and products?

The first stands were functional and dedicated to hospitality. Already in the 1970s, however, there was a change generated by the birth of the Made in Italy phenomenon that led to the creation of stands more oriented towards aesthetics and fashion criteria. Then it has gone from the minimalism of the 90s, to the personalization and exaltation of the identity of our days until the search for sustainability.

The image of the stand reflected and still reflects the message that Mazzucchelli wanted and wants to promote and communicate to the customer even today. This message is reflected in the range of slabs presented, which become the answer to customers’ needs and the anticipation of their needs. Mazzucchelli, in fact, has always been the key to understanding the market situation and, at the same time, a stimulus for projection towards the future.

What is the role played by MIDO in the light of the current market situation?

MIDO has always been one of the main promoters of creativity. Faithful to Italian creativity with a pragmatic, global and modern focus, it is the trade fair where fashion is most felt and experienced.

With the passing of time, it has shown itself to be closer and closer not only to exhibitors but also to visitors, to whom it offers a more rational organization and more and more emotional and up-to-date layouts.