The new BBGR return service for the network of opticians that are partners with Nikon

Since June has come into effect the new BBGR return service with IPS -Italian Partners Servizi – tracking available for the whole network of opticians that are partners with Nikon. The new return process – never seen before in the ophthalmic market – guarantees the package traceability through a special barcode. This entails a double benefit for the optical centre: simplified time-saving procedures and package monitoring until delivery. Thanks to the new Return Service promoted by BBGR, the optician will contact the Nikon Customer Service that will enter all the information about the return lenses on the IPS website; the optical centre will receive automatically an e-mail with attached an univocal bar-code that has to be printed and put on the lens return package.

Through this barcode it will be possible to monitor the shipping status  in real time. The optical centre can contact the Nikon Customer Service, that will be able to promptly provide assistance and all the required information about the return.