Interior design is the key

A few weeks ago, the Argentinean store, Infinit eyewear, won BESTORE DESIGN, the competition launched by MIDO to select the world’s best optical stores. The store in Buenos Aires was chosen for the way in which the layout, design and furnishings give life to an irreplaceable experience for all lovers of glasses. Let us take a closer look at this reality through the words of its director, Gabriel Hanfling.

What does it mean to you to have been the BESTORE winner?

For me it is a source of great pride and joy, an important personal recognition conferred by “insiders”, who have been my point of reference since I began to take my first steps in this sector more than thirty years ago. In Italy, I always watched the construction of brand spaces on Via Montenapoleone with great admiration. This inspired me to design our own identity, a new and different exclusive optical store in Buenos Aires and the world. On entering the Infinit world, we want people to see it, feel it, smell it and hear it, get to know us in depth, get closer to our world and our interests. 

Did you expect it?

Absolutely not! Deep down, you always feel that you can, but there are so many interesting optical stores in the world that it is difficult to imagine actually winning it, so we are ecstatic!

 What characteristics allowed you to win this coveted prize?

The characteristic that allowed us to win the prize is the concept of identity that our layout transmits and, it communicates design. We know what our clients want and what they are looking for, i.e. glasses of independent design at a fair price. We wanted to win this award and be able to connect with other large multinational companies to merge; alone it would be impossible to get where we want. We would like to connect those who are interested in taking advantage of the strength that Infinit already enjoys in Latin American markets. With the award and recognition of MIDO and the sector, we can take our concept of stores to Italy and Europe to make Infinit stronger in the world and to reach many other countries with our concept and collections of glasses.

 Can you describe your store?

Our stores are warm, fresh, cheerful and pleasant spaces that communicate design. They are a sensory experience, beginning with the visual, sound, aromatic and social.

Nowadays, how important is interior design for an optical store?

Interior design is key to being able to tell a different story that creates the opportunity to visit us, giving people the desire to come back and discover new products.