The countdown for MIDO 2018 has begun

From 24 to 26 February, Wonder makes its return to Fiera Milano Rho with MIDO, the biggest eyewear event in the world. The latest products and developments from a continually evolving sector will be showcased in a hall that has been revamped for exhibitions.

The expectations are sky-high for MIDO, Milano Eyewear Show 2018, scheduled to take place from 24 to 26 February at Fiera Milano Rho. Following record-breaking editions, MIDO consolidates its leading position in announcing that all exhibitor spaces have been filled and that it is ready to host tens of thousands of professionals visiting from across the world.

Having the greatest representation of operators in the sector, the 48th edition of the largest eyewear event will welcome: major multinational industrial groups that manufacture frames, lenses and sunglasses; small to medium-sized companies that have a greater focus on experimentation and being at the cutting edge of creativity; start-ups, numerous as ever, that operate in this fascinating industry; manufacturers of instruments, machinery and components; and collectives of the most attractive Asian manufacturers.

One of the big new features coming to MIDO is its exhibition layout. The MORE! Pavilion, introduced in 2016, is bigger, taking on an even bolder personality and identity. Housed inside the pavilion will be the section dedicated to innovation, particularly MIDO TECH, which will welcome exhibiting companies that manufacture instruments and machinery used in the optics industry, a sector where a technological dimension makes all the difference, allowing for innovative and unique products to be created. Another notable area inside the pavilion is the Lab Academy, where new designers and start-ups starting out on the sector’s world stage will be found. MIDO TECH and Lab Academy are two inextricably-linked spaces, because if a product is revolutionary, then the credit should be shared equally between the talented designer who conceived it and the sophisticated technology that brought it to life.

Confirmed to make its return once again is the Fashion District, the exhibition space showcasing new collections from the world leaders in eyewear. Not only will the major players be in attendance, exhibiting their house brands and fashion lines here, but so will the small to medium-sized companies that draw inspiration from the fashion world and the latest trends that determine eyewear styles every year.

As usual, MIDO will put a great deal of focus on eyecare with the Lenses area, a section completely dedicated to the compelling world of optical lenses. In Lenses, all the leading manufacturers in the global industry will come together to present the latest technological innovations to stakeholders in the sector. Visitors will also have the chance to preview the very best that the market has to offer in various product types, to get close and personal with brand-new solutions for improving eyecare, and to meet the leading experts in the field for in-depth explanations and demonstrations.

In this pavilion will also be Otticlub, the space dedicated to training and sector information, a conference area hosting seminars, presentations, events and conferences on the world of optics, for those who do not want to miss a single detail of the latest developments. One of this space’s major events scheduled on Sunday 25 February at 2 p.m. is Eye Health Awareness Day, the first international day for eye protection.

Design Lab, the undisputed hub of the most creative visionaries that enjoys the luxury of experimenting and “daring”, also returns to MIDO. A space of worldwide renown, Design Lab is a captivating and special area where the most pioneering companies of the sector are found. Here, creativity toys with shapes and materials, not only depicting the present but also the future of eyewear, and its many ways of being. It is in this way that Design Lab interprets and anticipates style, and is a showcase of the very best that the world has to offer, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share ideas and a fully-fledged laboratory for the creation of new systems based on a fusion of influences, from innovations to well-established trends.

Lastly, MIDO will turn its gaze to the East with the FAiR East Pavilion, the most exclusive showcase of eastern manufacturers in the sector, involving participation from the leading collectives that represent various Asian business. A group of exhibitors whose diversity is as immense as their continent of origin, a peculiar pairing of tradition and innovation: a focus on the past, but also with sights set on the future. The FAiR East Pavilion is not only a bridging point for western markets, but also entrepreneurs from the Far East who want to prove themselves on the global stage.