The king of customization

Whenever we talk about customized eyewear we can’t not mention the UK’s Tom Davies. A designer with extensive experience in the eyewear segment (his first creations date back to 1996), since 2002 he has specialized in bespoke services and in 2008 he opened his own workshop offering a complete made-to-measure service through a global network of exclusive opticians.
Today Tom Davies boasts over 1000 distributers spread all over the world, which offer made-to-measure services and the Ready-To-Wear / Limited Edition ranges.
In 2011, Tom introduced the made-to-order Couture Natural Horn Collection.
This year he will be at MIDO…
WMIDO interviewed him.

How long have you been attending MIDO? 
I have personally been coming to MIDO for 18 years however this is my first time exhibiting in five years. We have expanded so much as a brand over the last few years and our global reach has increased so it’s time to show MIDO what we now offer. 

Why do you choose MIDO? 
MIDO is the largest international show dedicated to the global eyewear sector, with more than 1.200 worldwide exhibitors. As the most important professional event dedicated to eyewear at an international level, I felt it was naturally the right step for us to return after five years. 

What do you appreciate most about MIDO? 
It is the largest international show dedicated to the global eyewear sector, I believe MIDO to be strategic in promoting the growth of eyewear and uniting businesses as a whole. What are you going to present at the fair?  Some of the highlights include: new limited edition sunglasses collection, new Asian fit frames, new ready to wear horn frames, the very first frame made at our new London factory and our Union Jack limited edition sunglasses.

You are pioneer in customisation: how it has changed in the years? Is it a growing market?
The requirements for customisation has definitely increased over the years. Customised eyewear has always been our trademark. I believe that in eyewear, success comes from a marriage of design and service, it’s a powerful combination. Whatever I create it is for the benefit of our customers.

What kind of materials do you use? 
We use a range of cotton acetate, titanium and natural horn.  I will also be launching my Silver 925 and Gold collection later this year and will be showcasing a few special pieces from this collection exclusively at MIDO. 

What are the most unusual ones? 
Natural horn is the most special, in addition to my precious metals and gemstones.

What are your reference markets? 
Our main markets are: Italy, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and the United States.