Thema Optical: at MIDO a worldwide preview

After the success of VEA, the Virtual Eyewear Assistant technology created and launched by Thema, the time has come for the Veneto company to inaugurate its first shop, whose format will be presented in worldwide preview at the next MIDO edition.
It will actually be called VEA and it will be a boutique entirely dedicated to custom-made eyewear, with exclusive services and features that will be revealed during the three days of MIDO. The stand will be a faithful reproduction of the first store, that will be open in Turin on March, and where it will be possible to live the VEA experience.
More surprises will be revealed at MIDO. Thema, always attentive to the needs of the shopkeepers and the public, has created Eyewow, an application available on both Android and IOS, that is easy and fun to use on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer, as long as it has a camera.
The customer will be able to choose their preferred model from all Thema collections, without the limitations of what the shop has purchased or has on-hand.
Eyewow is of great assistance to those with vision deficiencies who, when removing their corrective eyewear to try a new frame, must rely on the advice of the optician or the person accompanying them. The app allows a virtual try on and, once the image is saved, the customers can see themselves wearing the eyewear and will be able to make their own decision.
Customers can also choose their eyewear from home and, whenever they wish, they can virtually try on the various models, play with the shapes and colours, wear them, and take a photo using the backgrounds like fashion magazine covers or posters, to see themselves as stars or divas. The photographs can be saved and used on social
media or shared with friends. Once the frame has been chosen, the store locater will indicate the availability of the model and the address of the nearest optician.
Eyewow is innovative and fun: in a wink, which is also the app’s logo, you can switch from one model to another to choose your favourite eyewear.