Italians and contact lenses

Have you ever tried asking (or wondering): “why don’t I try contact lenses?” . Doxa-CooperVision took the trouble to ask a sample of more than 2000 Italians, and discovered that, apart from the fear of using them (30% are afraid to put them in and take them out by themselves) and the practicality of glasses (34%), one of the most frequent reasons is that they have never considered the idea of wearing contact lenses (32%).

Only 20% of those who wear spectacles are encouraged to try contact lenses, despite research confirming that 36% of interviewees who wear glasses tend to switch to contacts when advised to do so by a specialist.

In recent years, the trend has shifted towards the use of daily lenses, which are even more practical. They require no maintenance, just some small but important precautions. It is essential that assistance be offered from the first application, supporting a choice that changes everyday habits; the same ones that were there before glasses were needed.