Cold but in style

Since 1877, the renowned Norwegian brand, Helly Hansen, has adopted the best technology and the best fabrics for making its elegant urban apparel collections. With the same level of performance requested by professional yachters, mountain guides and polar explorers, the urban line conveys all the quality you would expect from Helly Hansen in an urban context.
The 365-in-1 Parka is “the Swiss Army knife of apparel”: insulation, a temperature regulation system and impermeability offered by this 3-in-1 model mean that the wearer will be able to adapt to any situation.
Forming the basis of the item is the PrimaLoft® insulation, with removable sleeves, for protection from cold days in the city and freezing temperatures in the mountains or Scandinavian countries.
The jacket interior has a protective shell with the Life Pocket™ system, which will keep a telephone battery alive for longer. The Allied Down jacket with incorporated balaclava, additional gloves, removable pocket and adjustable hood, will help you to cope with plummeting temperatures even in the Arctic Circle!