Fedon focuses on environmental sustainability

Fedon has presented a collection of eco-friendly products at MIDO, backed by a logo that is in line and consistent with this value: CASE2green. “The company has set up a dedicated team in-house, with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement from the environmental point of view, in terms of both processes and products,” said Callisto Fedon, Chairman of the group. The result is the use of four new materials, such as the derivatives of the recycling of elastane from fishing nets dumped in the sea or from the recycling of bamboo furniture items.

MIDO was also an opportunity to present the first B2B platform aimed at having real-time contact with vision centres. “With this platform, opticians will be able to customize our spectacle cases (an object we hold in our hands several times a day), organize their logistics, choose trends, models, colours … everything with a click and with rapid and guaranteed delivery. This will save time for our customers, giving them new opportunities for sales, but above all it will allow us to provide a tailor-made service that is currently unique in the market,” commented Fedon. The B2B platform has been joined by a more targeted presence on social media so as to develop the relationship with the end customer.