Essilor Canada and the Opticians Association of Canada Have Partnered to Launch the First Optical Training for Industry Consultants

Designed to provide optical knowledge to a sales consultant directly servicing Eyecare Professionals in their practices, the Industry Consultant Training Program was developed jointly by the Opticians Association of Canada and Essilor Group Canada Inc.

By taking part in this eight-hour training, sales consultants refine their knowledge in categories such as Eye Anatomy and Physiology; Common Conditions of the Eye; Properties of Visible light; Ultraviolet and High Energy Visible Light (HEV); Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion and Basic Lens Designs.

This provides them with the background required to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Eyecare Professionals they visit on a daily basis,” says Martin Lespérance, Director of Training and Development of Essilor Group Canada Inc.

We are very proud of partnering with the OAC to bring this unique training to life and contribute to broaden the scope of knowledge in the industry.

Our mission to improve lives by improving sight inspires everything we do, from our innovative products and services, to our trainings and our collaboration with associations and schools, with a purpose of creating value for Eyecare Professionals and helping them succeed.

We can appreciate firsthand the benefits of continuing education for our consultants who gladly put in the effort to increase their knowledge in order to strengthen their relationships with Eyecare Professionals and provide them with the quality of service that they deserve,” says Pierre Bertrand, president of Essilor Group Canada Inc.

We are considering offering the ICTP in Montreal as open education for industry consultants from all companies. The training can be broken into two days to easily fit the schedule and format of the companies’ training events. We will be as well exploring options for an online program in the near future” says Robert Dalton, executive director, Opticians Association of Canada.