Young unemployed people finished the course with a qualification for the installation and maintenance of energy systems powered by renewable sources The Certottica project implemented in accordance with DGR (Italian regional council resolution) 653 of May 7, 2013, code 1360/1/1/2103, provided theoretical and practical training thanks to the collaboration of renown partner companies such as Acaia Lavio, Elettromeccanica Cuprum, Cli-vet and Keralpen.
The students qualified as technicians trained for installing and maintaining energy systems powered by renewable sources, with expertise in incentives associated with renewable sources, marketing and company development.
The profile of the new experts is perfectly in line with the territory’s requirements in that technical preparation was combined with company management skills; these are fundamental concepts for working with the small and medium-sized enterprises that characterize our area. The technicians trained by Certottica will be able to handle all aspects of company life from measuring customers’ energy requirements to system planning, installation and maintenance, from customer support to the handling of such commercial aspects as creating customer loyalty or seeking new customers and markets.
Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the course covered 4 specific qualifications for installation and maintenance work on biomass systems, heat pumps, solar and photo-thermoelectric systems. The students passed 4 exams of different lengths and were apprenticed for 200 hours. Each exam consisted of 20 hours of laboratory work supervised by qualified professors at the headquarters of partner companies. Woodchip systems were analyzed at Keralpen, photovoltaic systems at Cuprum, solar thermal systems in collaboration with Acaia Lavio and heat pumps at Cli-vet. Thanks to the partners’ active collaboration, laboratory work included the analysis of various case histories of malfunctioning systems and verified ways of repairing them.