With Mirage, sustainability arrives at MIDO (and not only there)

Mirage is presenting its latest collections at MIDO, and some of them are the fruit of major collaborations. The 23 eyewear collection features completely sustainable glasses and frames made of TR90. And there is more, because the Research & Development team has developed an opportunity to produce models designed to float and there are other surprises awaiting customers, too.
The company’s creations are manufactured with meticulous attention to the smallest detail and scrupulous care in every working phase, giving products that are comfortable and unalterable, the result of research and the innovative flair that has always distinguished the company.
Mirage also stands out for its great attention to environmental sustainability in its two manufacturing facilities and its warehouse. The vehicle used to transport goods between the various premises is 100% electric and the lighting in all the manufacturing sites, the warehouse and the offices is already mostly all energy-saving (LED). The production makes use of modern installations such as electric and non-oleo-dynamic injection presses with consequent energy saving and improved moulding quality. Water consumption is rationed everywhere, thanks to a purification plant which makes it possible to use the same water for more than 5 months. And all this is merely the beginning of a larger project that is being developed.
Mirage is also synonymous with social sustainability. The wellbeing of every employee is guaranteed through a policy that sees the human component as one of the most valued resources. Aware of the assumption that a satisfied employee will always be a productive and loyal employee, the policy provides training, attention to the needs of the individual, and willingness to support them, such as in the case of working mothers.
Because, first of all, Mirage shares with its people the values of honesty and integrity, following its principles of correctness and transparency.