Police brings Coin Park Delivery’s art to its store in Tokyo

Police has asked Japanese artist Coin Parking Delivery to reinterpret the interiors of the Tokyo concept store, turning it into a real artistic space. The very first collaboration with a talented artist will take place at Police Tokyo till April, 16.

Coin Parking Delivery started his artistic activity in 2017. His unique art works drawn with his smartphone have become hugely popular, and not only in the digital media; he is expanding into the fields of product collaboration and even appearing in music videos.

The main character appearing in this art is Shirai-San, who likes the city of Shibuya because it’s full of dreams, energy and young people. space will be decorated by Coin Parking Delivery with illustrations of Shirai-San on the walls, window and floor and a 3D statue.

The Police Concept Store in Tokyo is an artistic space in which creativity and innovation coexist. Here, the works of young talented creators based in Japan are hosted in rotation alongside the international brand’s lifestyle products, highlighting Shibuya’s unique artistic scene.

“This project aims to offer brand enthusiasts emotional experiences that go beyond the traditional shopping experience. The Police store becomes an ever-new place where the brand’s aesthetic codes are combined with different artistic visions of the talents involved,” says De Rigo Vision Managing Director Michele Aracri.