Chantecler celebrates its stylistic criteria

The new yellow gold and diamond creations of the Anima collection envelop the iconic symbols of the house of Chantecler: united in a joyous dance, the different sizes of Campanella, Gallo, Logo, Cornetto and Joyful encompass all the irony and lightheartedness of Capri’s Pure Spirit.
Like in splendidly embroidered evening gowns, delicate sequins become splendid flowers enriched with a new version in pink gold and diamonds that create a cascade of precious, enchanting petals.
The pink gold bestows a particular splendor, giving a joyous freedom to the new creations.
Earrings, rings and pendant necklaces give life to a sparkling collection.
In the new version, the precious play of mix & match becomes easier thanks to the different sizes of these tinkling jewels.