Catuma Eyewear comes to all Italy with Vega

Since its founding, Catuma Eyewear has positioned its marketing strategies towards a continuous evolution of style, shapes, technological innovation, but above all market developments. In 2018, after witnessing an exponential growth in the number of stores in Italy and abroad, Catuma Eyewear decided to entrust Vega with the distribution of its brand in Italy, a company that for over 25 years has selected frames from the international scene that are produced by longstanding eyewear manufacturers.
“Before I founded Catuma Eyewear, I owned nine opticians’ shops in Apulia. I have always considered Vega to be different from other companies, one that is able to analyse the needs of individuals clients and has a swift and very efficient after-sales service: essential qualities required in order to be competitive. This, as well as the exceptionally high esteem that I hold Vincenzo Cinque in, is why I decided to entrust Vega with the distribution of Catuma Eyewear, a niche brand with a select and specific clientele. I would like for it to become one of the jewels in the crown that is the company, which has always kept up to date on the latest market trends”, said Vincenzo Pastore, the founder of the Apulian eyewear brand.

Ph. Vincenzo Pastore