Candorvision Introduces Canada’s First Liposomal Suspension for Daily Eyelid Hygiene

Candorvision is proud to announce the launch of CALMO Lid Care, Canada’s first and only paraben-free, fragrance-free and tenside- (soap) free liposomal suspension for the daily care and hygiene of the lashes, eyelids and the eyelid margin.
Up until today, the common practice for eyelid hygiene has been the use of products containing tensides (soap), which can take away the physiological lipids produced by the Meibomian glands, and thus, can destroy the lipid layer of the tear film. Instead of tensides, CALMO Lid Care contains liposomes, which gently and effectively cleanse the eyelid margins and have a stabilizing effect on the lipid layer of the tear film. The lipid layer is a very thin layer of fat, which continuously lubricates the eye surface and allows us to blink without pain. This lipid layer prevents tears from evaporating and from running over the lid margin.
Regular eyelash, eyelid and eyelid margin hygiene is a common recommendation to patients with blepharitis, ocular rosacea, conjunctivitis and dry eye. Patients with these or other eye disorders who use CALMO® Lid Care can benefit from the gentle, non-greasy, comfortable feel after their regular daily lid hygiene. Patients who wear makeup can also benefit from CALMO Lid Care, making eye makeup / mascara removal more comfortable, without affecting the lipid layer of the tear film negatively.
“CALMO Lid Care has proven itself with millions of patients in Germany and Europe”, says Dr. Frank Heidemann, President and CEO at Candorvision. “Now, Canadian patients can benefit from a gentle and effective eyelid cleansing suspension that is suitable for sensitive skin, due to the absence of parabens, fragrances, tensides and other irritants”.