Endless autumn

The FW1920 campaign from Portuguese brand Parfois takes us on a woman’s journey with a single mission: to explore the relationship between her image and the surrounding environment.

Photographer Wai Lin Tse portrays the model Lou Schoof among green valleys, blue lakes and spectacular natural landscapes. Materials such as knitwear and tweed are coordinated with striking details like tartan, geometric and flower patterns.

The costume jewellery is conceived with delicate care, with gold and superimposed colours becoming this season’s key trend: elegant pieces with geometric shapes, gorgeous textures, and exquisite details employing elegant gems and pearls.

The handbags have classic shapes but are reinterpreted with new materials like felt or suede, as well as technical fabrics such as nylon or neoprene. Lastly, the footwear is designed to tackle new challenges, like the padded biker boots, perfect for wearing in the rain.