An Italian Journey

An elegant, cinematic air marks out an Italian journey embarked upon by two protagonists in the advertising campaign of Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Capsule. Three mini films and an expansive digital project give expression to the new iconic eyewear collection, in which a passion for art is interwoven with a curiosity inherent to discovery: the perfect marriage of Ferragamo’s essence.
A series of close-up shots transform the lens of the glasses into windows and cameras, pointed towards the quintessential Italian landscape and lifestyle.
Glimpses of little-known sights and monuments brimming with history reflect the fashion house’s iconic details, in a subtle play of allusions between a vintage style and modernity.
A naturally elegant and timeless style is embodied by the protagonists in the campaign, albeit in a contrasting manner: two different men – one with a more a refined demeanour, and the other’s being more casual – brought together by a taste for beauty, who give their own personal take on the collection’s models.