The RETail INternational Alliance to start

The Optical Retail International Alliance SCE-Retina, which unites three large European groups – Vision Group (Italy), Cione (Spain), and Atol les Opticiens (France), – was established in Madrid at the end of January. The association now numbers 11,500 professionals and over 3,500 independent points of sale.
Marco Procacciante, President of the Alliance and CEO of Vision Group, commented by saying: “Retina is the first optics distribution cooperative to unite expert independent opticians to defend the value of professionalism and offer end clients quality products and services.” “The main objective of Retina”, added Fernando Flores, Managing Director of Cione “is to share our best practices and become a privileged contact for our suppliers.” Eric Plat, President of Atol les Opticiens, added that, “The valuable proposal of Retina for the industry is founded on 7 pillars: a sole reference point for partner suppliers; the development of sales and the growth of market shares; a glocal approach; a unified distribution strategy (prices, conditions, launches); an international network of independent opticians of confirmed professionalism; economies of scale to offer standardized products and services; a global marketing strategy to promote products in markets in conformity with supplier expectations.”